Taking Fairness Seriously
i'w weld yn Gymraeg

Newport Fairness Commission

Fairness Commissions are independent bodies set up by councils to advise them on the best use of resources and powers to achieve the fairest outcomes for local people.

The Newport Fairness Commission met for the first time in November 2012, becoming the first of its kind in Wales.

Its role is to keep issues concerning fairness on the public agenda and to monitor and advise on how these issues are considered in the council’s decisions and policies.

This has taken place within the context of the problems which need to be addressed by the city as a whole – namely of administering severe cuts in local government funding, exacerbated by rising demand due to demographics, increased expectations and other budgetary pressures.

More detail on the background and membership of Newport Fairness Commission are given in the terms of reference (pdf)


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